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Top Home Automation Tips

For the longest period, home automation has been perceived to belong to the rich entirely. But with the improved technology, most of the homeowners can now afford to automate their houses.

The concept of home automation has made the automation of equipment and systems possible ranging from thermostats to home security. It is offering convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind to most homeowners. Since the controlling center is your smartphone, you can unlock and lock your doors, turn off the water when the leak occurs and even turn off the lights from anywhere.

Even with a lot of homesteads embracing this technology, still the concern of security not entirely cupped. There are several things you should consider. Life on AI provides the latest home automation tips. The following are the essential tips proven by the expertise you need to consider.

Keep It Simple

It would be important if you did not put it obvious for everybody to notice that you have home automation. Let everything normally work for your visitors. Also, do not let your babysitter access the app.

Secure Your Router

It is surprising how most people do not change the initial password provided by the manufacturers for their routers. Keeping your network safe from hackers and intruders would be achieved if your security features differed from the manufacturer. For that reason, you need to carefully examine every smart device before incorporating it with your home network.

Hard wired gadgets are conceived to be more reliable compared to those connected with Wi-Fi. Never forget to activate the security features of your Wi-Fi to keep it safe. Note that strong passwords act as a defense tool.

Constant Update

Most home automation manufacturers constantly issue patches or updates to help you fix your device from any associated vulnerability. Ensure to install these updates whenever they are released. If you correctly carry out this process, I am sure that the hackers’ exploitation will be a non-issue.


It would be best if you always allowed professionals to install your device. With them, you can be assured professionalism. They can also handle any needed wiring and have all the answers that might be bothering you about the integrated security measures.

Stick with Reputable Brands

home automationBefore purchasing any of the automation devices, it would be best to research with different manufacturers. It would be a big disappointment if you ended up buying your products from a less reputable manufacturer. Mostly, these companies fail to invest the required resources, making you an easy target for hackers.