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Important Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

Today, you will come across many reputable companies around, but some do not operate with the best practices. You want your concrete project to be successful, and so you need to work with a reputable contractor. If you choose the driveways high Point NC, you will have the best concrete driveway. Read on to know some of the questions you should ask a concrete contractor.

How Many Projects Have You Completed?

Most companies have portfolios online, but if the company has none, you need to ask them for photos of previous projects they have finished. This is a good way of ensuring the projects they have completed meet your expectations. If they cannot share the projects completed in the past, then this is that you need to keep searching to avoid unreasonable outcomes.floor

What are Your Project Timelines?

If your potential contractor does not have an exact time estimate, it implies that you need to find someone else to have the job done. You want to know how long they will be on your premises. Like most things, if the time estimates look too good to be true, then maybe it is.

Can I See Your Proof of Insurance?

It is important to ask the contractor for proof of insurance, but many people looking for a concrete contractor will not carefully analyze their contracts. The contractor should, at all times, have two types. The first one is the liability insurance that protects your property from any damages. The other one is the worker’s compensation insurance, which will protect you from a lawsuit in case any one of the workers gets injured while working on your premises.

What is Your Price Estimate?

The majority of contractors tend to ask for a down payment when starting the job. This deposit is normally non-refundable, and the contractor will pay the remainder once the job is completed. If you choose a contractor who asks for the full payment upfront, you may risk them taking the money and not finish the job.

Are You Certified?

The concrete contractor you choose needs to have at least a general contractor’s license. In case they tell you these certificates are not important, you should continue searching. Official certification is proof that the contractor has met all the industry training standards, and they are allowed to work in your area legally.…